The mission of NABT is to improve our nation’s schools by supporting beginning teachers and students through a variety of national initiatives. The first three initiatives are the No Negatives Teen Seminar and Engaging Teaching Strategies for Beginning Teachers and the launching of Teachers on Tour.

Research tells us that some of the least qualified teachers are placed in the most challenging teaching situations right out of college. Further, 90% of these new teachers lack personal experience with growing up in or attending schools in communities similar to the ones in which they teach. As a result, new teachers last, on average, only 18 months. This is a primary reason why teachers are in short supply and why so many of our nation’s children, particularly low-income, urban students, are failing in basic education at increasing rates.

NABT’s focus on new teachers and teens is thoughtful and robust—it is neither a simplistic nor an otherwise “high glitz, no substance” educational intervention. Further, NABT’s mission and vision is grounded in a comprehensive literature base that has emerged directly out of teacher education praxis and seeks evidence of its effectiveness in the improvement of student academic achievement.

NABT also has a particular interest in addressing the educational needs of underserved students, and as such places emphasis on preparing new teachers for the reality of teaching in urban schools.

NABT will have State Ambassadors allowing our members to engage in relevant conversation around a variety of pertinent topics impacting their success in the classroom.


victorJ. Victor McGuire, Ph.D. received his doctorate from Colorado State University, to be followed by a collective of universities professorships for the next 20 years. Victor is a popular keynote speaker and presenter at national/international conferences. He has authored and published books on education, with the most recent being, No Negatives a Teen Guide To Leadership.


As a world educator, Victor values the importance in making a sustainable contribution in such a way that it broadens the world horizon of future educators and colleagues. It is a value of Victor’s, that educators promote international understanding, contribute to the development of resources so that other educators and community members are better equip to meet major challenges of our time, to educate youth about teachers about world affairs.