A Comprehensive Day-Long Seminar for Teachers of Grades 6 – 12

Are you frustrated with the fact that you’re not as effective in the classroom as you would like to be? Do you have students that don’t seem to value education or get upset when you push them towards excellence? Do you sometimes feel like you are out there by yourself and that you have no support?

If you find yourself answering, “yes” to these questions, this seminar is designed for you. Beginning teachers tend to get the least desirable schedule, most difficult students to work with, minimal mentoring and of course the lowest pay.

During this one-day seminar for teachers of grades 6 through 12, J. Victor McGuire, experienced educator, author and nationally recognized presenter, will share dozens of highly effective strategies that will empower each participant to be more effective in the classroom, which in turn will help you be more effective with closing the achievement gap. Victor will emphasize practical ways to work more effectively with students in this population. You will leave the seminar with practical and innovative ideas that have proven successful in helping beginning teachers become more effective in their respective classrooms. In addition each participant will receive a resource handbook designed to help you implement these highly practical strategies.

Topics Include, among others:

  • Developing a team-oriented classroom, with a more caring and supportive environment for ALL students
  • Fun and creative ways to build trust and respect, and keep all students fully engaged
  • How to stay positive and increase your joy in even the most challenging environment and with the most reluctant learners

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