Dear Colleague:
Thank you for your interest in this important seminar about effective engagement strategies for beginning teachers.

I have designed this seminar to help us, as educators, not only understand some of the main concerns regarding the importance of how a truly effective teacher can make a positive impact with students, but also create the opportunity for beginning teachers to gather collectively and offer support to each other.

My hope is that at the end of our day together you will have a better understanding of the importance of the simple notion of good teaching vs. great teaching! We will dissect essential categories that are primary reasons for excellence in the classroom.

We will illustrate how to facilitate learning artfully and purposefully, regardless of the subject matter you teach. Upon application of the methods provided, you will be able to synthesize distinctions about learning into lessons that enhance student performance.

In this seminar you will receive specific guidelines for creating an effective learning environment, designing curriculum, coupled with delivering excellent content and facilitating the learning adventure.

If you are looking for an enlightening, engaging and practical day, this seminar is for you. You will leave with a set of new tools, quality information and the mindset to return to your classroom and make an even bigger positive impact on the lives of your students. As we know, “students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

I am looking forward to meeting you at the seminar and exploring the many practical options you can implement to help your classroom be as effective as possible. I promise you a day filled with the latest, most effective strategies that you will want to implement immediately!

J. Victor McGuire, Ph.D.

P.S. This seminar will focus on the practical strategies that have proven successful in today’s classroom.

What your colleagues say about Dr. J. Victor McGuire

Dr. McGuire brings passion, enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and expertise to the professional development experience. His ability to relate theory to practical classroom application and mix it artfully with humor and fun makes him a favorite with educators.

Victor is one of the most impressive educators I have ever met—his passion for teaching and working with
beginning teachers is second to none.

Victor McGuire is simply a great resource to spend a day with! He built community out of total strangers, provided a new perspective of how to teach and keep a smile on our faces at the same time!

Dr. McGuire is so well rounded and well versed on how to be effective in today’s classroom, The material presented was very practical for today’s educators.

Dr. McGuire is the epitome of an exceptional leader and great presenter. I have truly enjoyed my day with Dr. McGuire and can only hope to work with him again in the future.

Victor McGuire is one of the most talented and creative educators I have had the privilege to work with in my 37 years of education. He has the unique ability to relate to all audiences—children, adults, graduate students, and parents. They all see him as a great teacher who has something very important to say.

Dr. McGuire is an absolutely fantastic presenter. He not only provides valuable information regarding best practices, but he holds the audience’s attention with his wit and humor. My time with Victor McGuire was a great investment both personally and professionally.

Victor is one of those rare individuals who has taken on incredible challenges in education and has emerged in each situation at the top of his game. His deep intellect, unending passion for students and his inexhaustible energy have been the keys to the professional success he enjoys. Don’t hesitate to attend this seminar; you won’t regret it.