No Negatives seminar is a 1-day seminar…
That lasts SIX weeks.

One infectiously fun, participatory day, plus 6 weeks of sustainability to insure and guaranteed success.

Fast-Paced and Fun Learning

Through a masterful combination of fast-paced presentations and exercises with plenty of audience participation, music, video and performance, teens will truly absorb and understand valuable life-long leadership skills.

In Round Table Groups of 10, student participant are co-facilitated with two skilled adult educators, providing guidance and structure to the fast-paced interactive day full of life changing tools and ideas.

Our Certified No Negative Facilitators bring years of leadership training, seminar expertise and their passion for working with youth. Each is personally selected by the President/founder of No Negatives, Dr. J. Victor McGuire, and carefully trained to deliver a truly life-changing experience to No Negatives teen participants.

This seminar promises to be the best one day experience your students will ever have.

S.T.A.N.D. (Sustainability Teams Achieving a New Direction)

One of the key area of success for this seminar is the sustainability aspect of the leadership experience. We call it S.T.A.N.D. – Sustainability Teams Achieving a New Direction.

During the one day seminar teams of ten, including two co-captains are formed. S.T.A.N.D teams meet online/or in person 1x/ week for 6 weeks to complete additional exercises from resource material, review and discuss lessons and experiences, ensuring a complete grasp of the material and an ability to apply No Negatives lessons to their everyday lives.

Pre-College Counseling Program

Schools and organizations that sponsor a No Negatives program gain access to valuable and expert pre-college counseling for student participants and their parents.

During an individual planning session, No Negatives counselors will assess each child’s interests, gifts, and assets to work with families to develop an action plan custom created to achieve that child’s academic, leadership, and life goals.