Teachers On Tour Overview

Teachers on Tour is the first travel-based professional development program aimed at empowering K-12 teachers to close the achievement gap through gaining a better understanding of the diverse community backgrounds of the students in their classrooms.


The mission of Teachers on Tour is to provide an educational leadership travel experience for K-12 teachers utilizing exemplary education as the vehicle to educate and inspire, combined with an emphasis on effective engagement strategies that will help teachers and students close the achievement gap in urban schools across the nation.


The Teachers on Tour program seeks to offer urban school districts across the country a unique professional development opportunity for their staff that has the potential to improve their classroom instruction, thus helping in the national concern of closing the achievement gap.

Program Benefits

Upon completion of our program, participants will possess an understanding of what it means to be an exemplary educator in the global community. Each will have a thorough awareness of how education, culture, politics, economics, and social issues differ from city to city, and region to region. Teachers On Tour fellows will increase their tangible skills in a variety of ways including:
1. Increased effectiveness in the classroom by building relationships, and inspiring collaboration and achievement
2. Ability to leverage cultural diversity through improved interpersonal communication and conflict management
3. Becoming educational agents of change in their communities with a focus on service, mentoring, and developing others

Teachers On Tour Core Values

COMMITMENT – Follow through on being the premier support system for beginning/experienced teachers and the students they serve worldwide.

LEADERSHIP – Belief in the importance of leadership and integrity.

CARING – Provide a supportive and engaging environment for all members.

UNITY AND DIVERSITY – Belief in inclusiveness and unified purpose.

IMPROVEMENT – Always searching for and initiating positive change.

ENJOYMENT – Enjoyment in working and learning together and celebrating the profession of teaching.