Joining Teachers On Tour

1. Participants will be selected without regard to ethnicity, gender, religious preference, age, or sexual preference.

2. Participants must be willing to tour for a month.

3. In addition applicants should:

  • Have a minimum of four years of teaching experience
  • Have successfully completed their Bachelor’s Degree
  • Be in excellent physical and mental health
  • Have English proficiency
  • Be willing to learn a new language
  • Be motivated for service learning work in communities
  • Come prepared to share their best practice
  • Have an aptitude for leadership
  • Be of good character and values
  • Be eager to travel
  • Be flexible and willing to adapt
  • Have excellent communications skills
  • Be passionate about making a difference
  • REMEMBER: This is a non-smoking tour

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What other educators are saying about Dr. McGuire…

“Victor is one of the most impressive educators I have ever met-his passion for teaching and working with teachers is second to none.”

“Victor is simply a great resource to spend a day, week or month or tour with…you will be amazed!”

“Dr. McGuire brings passion, enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and expertise to the professional development experience. His ability to relate theory to practical classroom application and mix it artfully with humor and fun makes his a favorite with educators.”


Testimonials about Teachers on Tour:

“Dr. McGuire has shared with me his ambitious Teachers on Tour project. My first response was ‘wow” what an excellent idea. Having been a Superintendent of Schools previously, I thought of all the applications that districts across the country would want to utilize this ‘experience” in their districts for teachers and students.”

—Dr: Shirley Miles, Former Superintendent of Schools

“I have worked with Victor McGuire for many years, we have been involved in a wide range of exciting educational projects. I think Teachers on Tour may be the best ever!! Teachers on Tour offers an exemplary model of professional development that blends 21st Century teaching strategies with traditional people to people contacts. It is a model of how effective teaching can be promoted, authentically, across borders and across boundaries stimulating the thought and the action needed to finally address the everincreasing achievement gap that continues to haunt us even now. It provides fresh and clever thinking that can be a catalyst for positive and lasting change, change that will make a difference in educators, students, school districts, and communities and nations.”

—Thomas R. Giblin, Professor of Education The College at Brockport, State University of New York